Are you ready to finally stop settling for a mediocre life?

The life you secretly want for yourself doesn't have to be a secret anymore.

Let's get you back on the right path so that you can turn your dream life from just an idea into reality and start experiencing more joy and freedom by living life on YOUR terms and not based on the expectations of others.

If you're like most dreamers who I coach, you might be feeling that...


You might be feeling that there's still so much you want to experience, places you want to go, things you want to do, and the person you aspire to become.

But what's holding you back?

Let me it your current reality and life circumstances?

You might have experienced a setback that turned your life upside down and left you confused and lost.
You might feel trapped in your daily routine.

You might keep daydreaming as often as you check your Instagram.

If that sounds like you, I have news for you! You no longer need to wait for answers to finally turn your life around.

You might be asking yourself...

"But how? I don't even know the first step."

I know what it feels like. I was in that exact same spot 5 years ago (that's me in the picture.)

I was clueless and lost.
I was looking for answers everywhere

You might be experiencing that
right now.

You might have this ongoing debate in your head about
what you should do. And those thoughts are what has been keeping you stuck for months.

Or even worse, you might keep coming up with reasons why you can't.

But the reality is...

You can't change much by waiting for someone to come and save you.

That's like being on a deserted island, gazing at the sky or out to the sea all day long, hoping that SOMEONE will miraculously find you. 
That leads nowhere. 😔

And it's YOUR FREAKING LIFE that we're talking about here!
There's no time to waste!

I don't how YOU feel about this, but I wouldn't want you to ever regret taking your life for granted.

You deserve to truly feel happy in your everyday life -
doing what
living in a beautiful place that
inspires you and takes your breath away,
and going on
adventures whenever you feel like it.


The truth is that your choices shape your life.
And if you keep choosing to look for reasons of why you can't, you're missing out on the freedom to live life your own way

What you could be choosing right now...

Showing up in your life with so much CONFIDENCE that your ability to make things happen becomes your second nature

Using perceived limitations in your favor as a stepping stone towards living the life you never thought you could have.   

Feeling incredibly fulfilled and in your zone-of-genius with what you do for a living.

Honoring your energy, time, and happiness more than other people's opinions of you, which allows you to say "no" to the things that don't feel right without feeling guilty or ungrateful.

Having more than enough becomes the way you experiencing life.

By this point, you might feel torn.

You really want to experience a positive change in your life but you don't know if it's just wishful thinking or maybe it's just better to give up.

And I wanted to tell you that it's actually a GREAT IDEA! 😱

You might be wondering...

"What kind of advice is this coming from a transformational coach?"


But before you jump to conclusions, let me explain. 😜

I'm NOT referring to giving up on your chance of living a meaningful & fulfilling life.

I'm referring to giving up on trying to solve your problems the same way they were created. 

You might be wondering...

"Alright. What do you mean? And how does it work?"

I'm glad you're asking!

The way to create a new way of living and experiencing life requires you to let go of the current one. 
Only then you can create something new. 🤩

The secret to creating a meaningful life for yourself is hidden

in your LIFESTYLE.

How you live your days is going to ADD UP to how you live your life.

There is a method to building that powerful lifestyle that will  support  you in living the life your soul craves for.

The Self + The Turning Point + The Co-Creation =
Your New Soul Aligned Life

It's also called the Path Alignment Method.

Now that you know the simple formula to create a lasting change, it's time to introduce you to the place where all this magic is going to take place.

Ready? 🥁


The Make This Happen Membership

A community where you'll experience how to finally turn your life around and create a lifestyle that allows you to live on your terms and experience more freedompassion and joy without feeling limited by resources or other people's expectations.

Your monthly subscription includes


Bimonthly (twice a month) live coaching with Sophie where we dive deep into your biggest roadblocks and transform them into possibilities.


Weekly action tips to move the needle forward and get you going.


Bimonthly Q&A sessions where we tackle any burning questions.


Weekly inspiration in the FB group to keep you going and thriving!



Weekly check-ins and bimonthly Q&A sessions to help you overcome anything that prevents you from moving forward and making magic happen in your life.

Supportive Community

This journey can be very lonely, especially at the beginning. The power of being part of a community will not only give you a hand when you need it, but it will also make it all more fun.

Valuable Life Tools

My goal is to help you connect with the power you already have. I'll teach you how to do that, using specific tools that will bring success into your life in whichever way you define it.


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In the spirit of new beginnings, I want to welcome you to the community with these gifts... 🤗 

(to set you up for success)

$197 Value

Handling Difficult Conversations with Others


Imagine how much easier life can be when you learn how to handle difficult conversations with others without feeling drained, depleted or anxious about it all. You'll learn how to navigate the conversation to reach its best potential.


$297 Value




Struggling to say "no" and taking on more than you can handle are only a few examples of a lack of boundaries. When you learn how to break that cycle, life becomes so much easier. That's why this video training is so powerful, and I absolutely had to include it as a bonus! 


$97 Value

From Uncertainty into Confidence


You already know that confidence opens doors, unlocks opportunities, and takes you to places you used to only dream of. But the fear of uncertainty and any unwanted outcomes can completely sabotage all these opportunities. This audio training will show you the way to transforming that.


Please note: The bonuses will be dripped out throughout the first month.

I made it as risk-free and simple for you as possible.

If for whatever reason, you try it out and decide that it's not for you, not what you expected, or not what you wanted, you can cancel your membership ANYTIME!

If you cancel your membership within the first 30 days, you'll get your money back IN FULL regardless of the plan you chose.

If you cancel it, later on, you will get either a partial refund or a full refund, depending on the payment plan that you chose.

More details on the refund policy are included on the checkout page for each payment plan :)

Join the Make This Happen Membership Today!

Choose the best plan for you, and click "Join Now" to start the adventure.


A Monthly Payment of



A One-Time Payment of

(two months free)


The prices listed are in USD.

"Is this membership right for me?"

Let's find out...😋

Definitely Yes!

You consider yourself a people-person but somehow you became the "yes" person and lost part of yourself in the process.

You're a dreamer who believes there's so much more to life, but you simply don't know how to tap into that.

You've started to question everything in your life...routine, people, the place you live. Something feels off, but you don't know where to go from there.

You've been trying to make things happen in your life, but nothing really seems to work out.

You're ready to commit to turning your life around and doing whatever it takes.

Maybe Not

You're a lone wolf and you don't like being around people (definitely not the membership type).

You are content with your life and you don't want anything more other than for people to leave you alone & to live at peace.

You're living your dream life and there's nothing about it you want to change. Everything is perfect.

You make things happen easily and don't need help with that.

You don't like putting in any work and just expect everyone to do everything for you.

Join the Make This Happen Membership Today!

Choose the best plan for you, and click "Join Now" to start the adventure.


A Monthly Payment of



A One-Time Payment of

(two months free)


The prices listed are in USD.

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